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Lost needle no more!!

If I am quilting a piece and am planning to bury the threads, I prefer to do them as I go.

The problem is that I often lose my needle amongst everything else on my machine.

I finally found a solution to the problem with the purchase of a roll of magnet tape….

I am sure that you know what I am talking about….the tape is sticky on one side but has a lightweight magnet on the other.

I cut a 1-inch square of tape and applied it to the top of my sit-down longarm and placed my needle there…..

It is out of the way…..

….but easily accessible when I want to use it!!

If you are interested in the loop needle that I am using, you can read about it here…..

Don’t you love it when you find an EASY solution to a persistent problem!!

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3 thoughts on “Lost needle no more!!

  1. The loop needle is the most ingenious notion I have used in recent months. I have both top threading and side threading needles that I have used for burying threads as I go when quilting. The top threading needles often don’t stay threaded and more than once the side threading needles have snagged either a thread of the fabric or batting and become difficult to pull through. Once a side threading needle broke inside a large and expensive quilt on my longqarm on a frame. I am careful with the loop needles because they are expensive and some have complained the loop pulls out in time. However, Helen Godden showed a tip on a video that uses a thread loop and needle that works essentially the same but takes just a bit more time.

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