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Grid quilting – harder than it looks!!

Last week I told you about getting some practice sandwiches ready to try grid quilting…..

but, as I started trying to draw some of them out, I found that they were a LOT harder than I expected…..

So, I decided to backtrack a bit and try some easier designs.

Watch and see how things worked out……

Having said in the video that the first one wasn’t very good, as I looked at the photo the next day….

, I realized that it really isn’t all that bad!!!

Here is the final one…..

My next step is going to be to add something else to these….maybe another petal shape inside the existing one or maybe adding some stitching in the centers.

Have you tried grid quilting??

Have you used rulers in your quilting yet?

If you are interested in trying, please check out my new online course “Keeping It Straight – 8 Ways to Use a Straight-Edged Quilting Ruler”…..

3 thoughts on “Grid quilting – harder than it looks!!

  1. This does look very hard but I will take an hour and try it. After it is drawn, is it hard to follow the line to quilt on your sit down machine? This is interesting technique to try. I love the pumpkin seed from Amish quilting . Is there a certain direction that you use to do this stitching? Jodie

    1. Hey Jodie. I found it pretty easy to the see the lines when I was quilting but I did have to slow down a lot!! For direction, I was kind of all over the place. I think it will work best to go down and up the first few columns and the down the last one (but not back up). Then you can hit the cross lines when you are traveling back up. Does that help?

  2. I will give it a try and let you know. I plan to spend some time on it this weekend. I will let you know. Still making labels. I think I may just sign them with sharpie.

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