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Community Outreach at QuiltCon

This category needs some explanation…..

There were two colorways that groups could pick from. Most were from the blue/green/yellow that you will see shortly, but there was one in the Pink colorway that I really liked. So, let’s start with it….

“Fibonacci Movement” by The Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild

The group got the idea from “show-and-tell” quilt and took it to new heights. I love how the center disappears and reappears at the corners.

The quilting really enhanced the design….

This quilt was made by the host guild for the QuiltCon23….the Greater Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild…..

“Take Flight” by the Greater Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild

I am drawn to the colors as they flow across the quilt.

This would actually make a good group quilt because it could be paper pieced, ensuring that all of the blocks were the same size!!

The color placement in this next quilt works wonders….

“Virtual Segments” by the Mexico Modern Quilt Guild

This is from the Artist’s Statement…..

“A constellation needs each and every one of its parts since one element does not exist without the other. In a way, this represents us as a group of quilters working together….making our constellation with each one of our segments, sewing them by hand one by one.”

How cool!!

The next quilt had a similar thought….

“Interaction” by the German Modern Quilters

“As the small and big, slightly wonky and randomly arranged triangles sometimes interact like teeth on a zipper, we as quilters – and people in general – interact as much. We build communities and friendships. We find groups of like-minded people to work together….to create.”

This next quilt added a couple of other fabrics to the mix and it really lightens the design…..

“Spring Has Sprung” by the Canyon Top Stitchers

I love the idea behind this next quilt….can you guess what it was…..

“Morse Code” by the Lynchburg Modern Quilt Guild


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