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Community Outreach Quilts – part 2

Yesterday we looked at a few of the quilts made for the sole purpose of raising money for special projects.

Here are 5 more……

This first one was made by the “Discord Quilters Guild”…..sounds like there is a story here!!

So….here is the quilt…..

“9 Discord Strangers Make A Quilt” by the Discord Quilters Guild

….and…..here is the story……

Don’t you love that!!

There is so much movement in the next one…..

“Oasis for Teens – Interwoven in the Community” by the Music City Modern Quilt Guild (Nashville)

They chose the interwoven pattern from @LoadBeholdStitchery (she spoke at my guild and is wonderful!!!) as a reminder to all of us that we are all interwoven and our success and failure depend upon each other.

In was fun to “go swimming” in this next quilt…..

“Flow” by the Lancaster Modern Quilt Guild

In their statement, they talk about the color shift and soft tranquil flowing curves.

That is exactly how it makes me feel……tranquil!!!

Along the same “undersea” theme……

“Into the Deep” by the Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild

I can just see schools of fish swimming along!!

They worked together in a three-day session and came up with the completed top at the end of that time!!

This was one of my favorites in this category…..

“Radiata” by the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild

In the artist’s statement, they said that the design was inspired by the unique shell markings on a radiated tortoise!! They used paper piecing and a controlled selection of colors to create the blocks and establish the color shift. Applique circles enhance the color shift….

….and probably hid lots of unmatched points at the center of each block (my addition)

Whatever they did, I truly love this quilt!! To enjoy it more, make it smaller in your screen or squint at it. The color changes are SO effective!!

That’s it for today…..tomorrow we finish up this category.

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Thank you…….

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