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Today we will look at a few more “Community Quilts” from QuiltCon. To learn more about this category, check out the post from a few days back.

I must have really liked this quilt since I photographed it on two different days…..

“Diamond Transitions” by the Jacksonville Modern Quilt Guild

I like the color transitions but the quilting is what makes the quilt!!

This palm block quilt is intriguing……

“Palm Block, Cool Color Shift, Hawaiian Style” by the Oahu Modern Quilt Guild

I love how the color shift is asymmetrical!!

This tessellation design works beautifully in a quilt…..

It was paper pieced from a pattern based on a woodblock print by Mel Beach….WONDERFUL!!

Take a look at this one…..

“Leaving a Light on for You” by the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild

I love how the light shows thru!! And how the square quilting design fits so well with the pattern.

The Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild gave us this one…..

“Cabin View” by the Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild

I am sure that this is the view from many of their member’s porches!!

This group emphasized the yellow end of the color spectrum…..

“Valley Green” by the Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild

I particularly like the curvy quilting against the intense angles of the diamonds.

Now, this is my favorite….probably of the whole category…..

“The Adventures of Cam E. Leon” by the Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild

I absolutely love the whimsy of this quilt and that fact that “Leon” (read the title) does disappear into the background!!

OKAY….that is it for the “Community Quilts” from QuiltCon.

There were many more that I didn’t photograph but I loved the idea behind these quilts and the obvious camaraderie that proceeded from their making.

There are still a few Quilt Con categories to explore, so stay tuned for more!!

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