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QuiltCon2023 Group Quilts

For the last three days, we have been looking at the Community Quilts that were made by various Modern Quilt Guilds.

These quilts continue in the same vein with several people coming together to make something of beauty!!

This first quilt was probably my favorite in the category….

“Effloresecent Midnight” by Marci Debetaz and a group from Duson, Louisiana

Marci said that there is no deep meaning to the quilt….it just celebrates the love of flowers, embroidery and an electric color scheme!!

The next quilt keeps the same color scheme but leads with abstract shapes rather than flowers….

“Welcome to the Playground” by Linda Morrison and a group from Vancouver, British Columbia

The group members were asked to make “exuberant blocks using geometric shapes, swoopy curves, and thin lines in bright colors on a navy background”.

Some of these designs look like they would be fun to make…..

Here is the explanation for the next quilt…..

“Exquisite Quilt #2” by Abigail Vargas and a group of quilters from Winters, California

That whole process sounds like a lot of fun to be part of!!!

The third-place ribbon went to this quilt…..

“Ray’s Georgia” by Diane Lyles and a group from Madison, Alabama

This quilt is a tribute to the iconic musician “Ray Charles” who lost his sight as a child. The main body of the quilt depicts, in braille, the first verse of the song that made Charles famous….” Georgia On My Mind”.

Being from Georgia, I ESPECIALLY like this one!!

The 2nd-place ribbon went to….

“Darkest Before Dawn” by Ellyn Zinsmeister and a group from Allen, Texas

The improv log cabin blocks each contains some of the Kona 2023 Color of the year…..Cosmos!!

The 1st-place ribbon went to this quilt…..

“Sashes” by Elizabeth Ray and a group of quilters from Bentonville, Arkansas

Each column contains improv components made with 2 colors and using designs that uniquely represent its maker.

What a fun idea!!!

Unfortunately, I was running out of time when I got to this category so there aren’t as many photos but I hope that you enjoyed seeing these few!!

Tomorrow we will look at one of the tenets of the Modern Quilt Movement…..negative space!!

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One thought on “QuiltCon2023 Group Quilts

  1. What a fabulous collection of quilts. So glad quilt shows are “back” for us to enjoy. Your posts add that extra impetus to start my day in an inspirational way. Thank you!

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