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Modern X Exhibit….

Now, what is that????

Okay….that sounds interesting!!

“X=10” by Jane Taylor

Jane made this quilt as a “what-if” game to figure out how to incorporate her small, brightly colored crumbs into a quilt!!

What a great idea!! Turning crumbs into strips is SO much easier than turning them into blocks. That’s ANOTHER idea to add to my list!!

Natalie Skinner used her quilt to push just a little beyond her comfort level…..

“Pushing Boundaries” by Natalie Skinner

I have actually heard that you work better when you are working at a level slightly higher than what you are comfortable with!! Just a fun fact!!

In this quilt, the maker explored bias tape applique…..

“X-treme” by Darla Gallentine

This next quilt honors all of our quilting grandmothers’ sense of thrift and beauty by only using scraps of fabric that would normally have been thrown out…..

“Scrap Bin Quilt No. 1” by Laura Shaw Feit

You can do SO much with strip pieced blocks like these and I love the transparency that she achieved here.

You can also add this to my list of “projects that I want to do”.

PLEASE tell me that you all have endless lists of such projects as well!!

I love the innovative quilting on this next quilt…..

“X” by Pat Forster

The use of the Drunkard’s Path blocks in this design is amazing.

But look closer at the quilting……

The next quilt didn’t stop with just ONE X!!

“Mars Attacks” by Augusto Garcia

In the artist’s statement, Augusto says that he wanted to explore the possibilities of the three dimensions in the plane. Based on the number of different levels that I see in the quilt, I think he accomplished that well!!

The next quilt was inspired during a quarrel with her husband…..

“The Spat” by Nancy Goodman

You really have to get up close and personal with this quilt to truly appreciate how much the quilting adds…..

That’s half of them….more to come tomorrow.

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Thank you…….

2 thoughts on “Modern X Exhibit….

  1. Thanks for showing all the quilts! Would be wonderful to know the dimensions, too.

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