“X Marks the Spot”

Today let’s finish the “Modern X” Exhibit from QuiltCon2023. Remember that these are quilts made to say Happy Birthday to QuiltCon!!

This first quilt was based on the remembrance of an Athletic Trainer who was told “when in doubt, make an X over the injury when taping or bracing it”……

“Make an X” by Julie Burton

What a fun inspiration!!

The next quilt has a lot of hand quilting…..

“Happy X” by Clara Stoikow

….with embroidery thread used to stitch the tiny x’s….

Lots of “X-tra” detail was used in the Courthouse Step Block Quilt……

“I Crossed the Line” by Tania Tanti

To truly understand this quilt, you have to get up-close-and-personal…..

And, when one of the “White glove helpers” runs over and asks if you want to see the back of a quilt, you ALWAYS say YES!!!

In this quilt, Jessica Plunkett made a series of Sawtooth star blocks and spent time playing with the position of the stars to create new and secondary designs…..

“Forward X Quilt” by Jessica Plunkett

I love the gradation of color!!

The next quilt…..

“Persevere” by Laura Bryant

Isn’t the quilting wonderful!!

The maker notes that this quilt stretched her abilities with paper piecing and partial seams…..

“Cosmos X-Ing” by Marisa Wilhelmi

Finally, I love the “pixelation that appears in the colored squares….

“piXel” by Elizabeth Miceli

And, the quilting is nothing to sneeze at either!!!

There were a bunch more of these Happy Birthday quilts, but I was completely out of time as they shooed me out of the hall!!

I hope that you enjoyed the Anniversary X quilts.

Tomorrow we start with the Ruby & Bee Fabric challenges. You will be amazed at what people can accomplish with just 6 fabrics!!!

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