The challenging side of QuiltCon

The last category from QuiltCon-2023 is the Ruby & Bee Fabric Challenge.

These were the 6 fabrics…..

This category was the one that I was most looking forward to because I had a quilt in it!!!

“Star Explosion” by Frances Arnold

It was such fun to stand with my quilt, knowing that it was hanging with MANY other amazing quilts!!

Let’s look at some of them!!

The 2nd-place ribbon went to this beauty…..

“Encircled: Containing Darkness:” by Julie Limbach Jones

I love so many things about this quilt, but especially the quilting design!!

Those tiny little circles add so much texture to the background.

This next quilt won the 1st-place ribbon…..

“Alley Neighbors” by Ellen Meeker

My favorite things about this quilt are the touches of colored fabrics that she used on two of the binding sides.

I appreciated the various angle designs in the next quilt…..

“Amalie’s Oranges”by Jacqueline Laba

….and I love how the quilting lines reinforce the “curves” in the design.

This was the 3rd Place winning quilt…..

“Value Added” by Elizabeth Ray

The design is very simple but man-o-man does the quilting set it off well. Did you see the solitary blue block that is quilting diagonally?? That is genius!!

This next quilt was completely hand quilted….

“Pop Up” by Sophie Thomas

I didn’t see much of that at QuiltCon. Maybe a little hand stitching to accent something but not like this!!

There are three more days of R&B Challenges so…..

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