It’s a Challenging show….

Yesterday we look at a few of the Ruby & Bee fabric challenges from QuiltCon-2023.

Here are a few more!!

This first quilt is entirely pieced!!!

“Vortex” by Chris Batten

That is a lot of circles to piece!!!

I particularly liked the background quilting. Again….just a small change of direction in the lines added so much interest…..

I was so intent on keeping my lines straight that I NEVER considered what a change like this would do!!

This next quilt allowed the maker to work thru the flooding in her neighboring state of Kentucky!!

“Light Coming Home” by Wanda Dotson

She improvisational pieced the debris as it backed up into people’s yards and lives!!

The next quilt was a larger version of a design that she made into a mini quilt…..

“Shred” by Sophie Zaugg

The simplicity of this design truly appeals to me!!

The next quilt is part of a “crosswalk” series…..

“Crosswalk VII” by Beverly Fine

I like the textures that are formed by the narrow and wide quilting.

In her Artist’s Statement, she poses the question….”What happens when you try o go to there from where you are?” Just think about that if you can’t sleep at night!!

The next quilt was inspired by a 1979 poster called “Coffee Hour”…..

“Skee-Ball” by Betsy Vinegrad

She used a technique called “Twice-cut Drunkard’s Path” from Jenny Haynes.

I DEFINITELY am going to look that up!!

The last quilt for today is…..

“Burnt-out Bullseye” by Paula Shults

Her inspiration came from Becky Goldsmith’s Bullseye Quilt and Audrey Esarey’s Radial Quilts. I THOUGHT that I recognized Audrey Esarey’s touch.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out this post from Saturday…..

Alright…..two days down, two to go!!

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