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Challenges HO!!

Today is part three of the Ruby & Bee Fabric Challenge quilts from QuiltCon2023.

As I look at each of them, I am amazed at how different they are!!

The first quilt for today features PERFECTLY smooth curves….

“Vanilla Swirl” by Kelly spell

This is a super simple design but executed perfectly!!

I was pleased to have my quilt share the cubicle with it……

The next quilt was dubbed as being about contrast…..

“Biancamano” by Susan Braverman

….”Sharp angles and gentle orange peel curves provide contrast of shape, and strategic placement of the fabrics take advantage of high color contrast.”

My eye is immediately drawn to the blue and white “petals” on the left and bottom edge!!

These poppies just dance across the quilt…..

“Papaver” by Wendy L. Starn

She challenged herself to used curved piecing to make the flowers and I think that she met that challenge well!!

We moved into the abstract realm with……

“Cosmic Shores” by Sarah Ruiz

From her Artist Statement…. “This quilt began as a way to play with wheel/fan blocks and ended by taking me on an unexpected longarm thread tension odyssey! After much joy followed by much frustration, I am happy to have escaped mostly unscathed but with many lessons learned for the future”.

Haven’t we ALL felt that way at some point in our quilting career!!! Well done to have stuck with it AND have it accepted into the show!!

I love the next quilt….

“Wavelengths” by Linda Branting

She based the quilt on things that she learned in a Mel Beach workshop using Lorrie Faith Cranor’s “Interleaves.”

Yet something else that I need to investigate further!!

This quilt inspiration came from the “Dogwood Blossom” block as seen in the “Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns (B. Brackman)……

“Block Stucy:#2223 (Dogwood Blossom” by Donna Ciliberto

She certainly took that inspiration and ran with it…..Well done!!!

The next quilt is a nod to a traditional “Wedding Ring” quilt…..

“Eye, Eye Captain” by Kate Laskowski

She did a fantastic job of working within her limited fabric palette!!

Finally, I saw this one in progress on @TheQuiltyArchitect” Instagram page…..

“2022-1021-FabricChallenge-Backup-final-FINAL-v2.0.jpeg)” by Matthew Friesz

It almost made me decide NOT to submit mine!!

I am truly enamored with the perspective he managed in this quilt and, oh my, the precision of his curves!!

Come back tomorrow for the LAST of the Ruby & Bee Fabric Challenges. I promise that there are lots of goodies left to see!!

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

Click HERE for more information

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