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R&B Fabric Challenge Finale – QuiltCon2023

Today we will finish up my favorites from the Ruby & Bee Fabric Challenge at QuiltCon-2023!!

The maker of this quilt wanted to create an “optimistic and dynamic quilt with this palette”……

“Onwards and Upwards” by Jo Wollschlaeger

I would say that she DEFINITELY accomplished that goal!!

The next quilt made good use of “Big Stitch” quilting…..

“Rising Tides” by Candi Lennox

I apologize that the photo is a bit blurry. At this point, I was running out of time!!!

The maker said that this quilt inspiration appeared to her one night as she was trying to go to sleep….

“Inversion” by Erin Case

I like the multi-coloring of one block design!!

This next quilt appealed to my funny bone…..

“Mix tape” by MNarisa Wilhelmi”

She said that, when she saw these fabrics, a nostalgic feeling rushed into her mind and the quilt was born!!

The next quilt used “Orange Peel” blocks to their best advantage…..

“Orange No. 1” by Brigit Dermott

I appreciate the binding that juxtaposes dark against light!!

In regard to the next quilt, Tzitzi wrote…..

When I was brainstorming ideas for the R&B Fabric Challenge, I suddenly decided to take a different approach. Pondering on the fact that everything – absolutely everything in this world has an inner part – one that is seldom seen, one that not many care to see, one that speaks to you through your innermost voice, I decided to meander into this reality.

“Inner” by Tzitzi Bejarano

YES….it is pieced inside out!!!

I love the three-dimensional nature of the quilt and her hand quilting is the perfect offset to the piecing!!

So much innovation!!!

The last quilt in the R&B Challenge….and the final quilt in this QuiltCon Review is my favorite in the challenge category…..

“Circuit Board” by Jennifer Sorenson

Jennifer said that as she was playing with flying geese blocks, she discovered that the design looked like Circuit Board. This could possibly be explained by the fact that she works in the IT industry!!!

The quilting is perfect for the design too…..

Well, we have finished our tour of the quilts of Quilt Con 2023.

BUT…..there is lots more to come!!!

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Thank you…….

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