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How do you get juried into QuiltCon??

I have often wondered how the “jury” portion of a quilt show entry works. If you don’t know, the jury is a group that looks at ALL of the entries and decides which will be allowed INTO the show.

Then, the judges go thru the ALLOWED entries, look at each quilt, and award ribbons based on merit.

Steph Skardal (@stephskardal) is someone who I have been following on Instagram and she was part of the jury for QuiltCon 2023.

She shared her insights in the following post. I hope that you enjoy the read…..


I entered two quilts in the show……

…and it was interesting to compare each to her criteria and understand why “Star Explosion” was accepted and “Cordwood” wasn’t!!

It is NEVER too late to learn something new!!

So what will you enter next year???

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