When you just gotta quilt….

Most of my readers know that I am a CPA and this time of year is busy, busy, busy!!!

Consequently, I have spent VERY little time in my studio, telling myself that it was better to push to finish my work rather than have creative time.

This past Saturday I hit the tipping point!! I was sitting in my office trying to work but completely unable to function.

I realized that since I wasn’t accomplishing anything there, maybe I should spend the afternoon in my studio….

And I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to work on…..

At our guild quilt show last month, I found this panel and just HAD to have it…..

In 15 minutes I had the quilt sandwich together and started quilting!!

I began with the background, switching between Swirls, Paisleys, and loops…..

It was so freeing to just quilt without worrying about WHAT I was going to quilt.

When I got to the top, I decided to try one of the “grid-quilting” designs that I have been playing with. I took a few minutes to mark the grid…..

….and started quilting…..

It was fun to see how good it looked when the lines were washed out…..

I added some arcs to the “pyramid” quilt…..

….and some wonky lines to the log cabin quilt…..

In just a few hours it was finished and bound…..

When I was finished I walked out of my studio without tidying anything up…..

THAT can happen on another day!!

It was a fantastic break for me and now I think that I can push my way thru this next week, knowing that happier quilting times are just around the corner!!

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Thank you…….

2 thoughts on “When you just gotta quilt….

  1. I can’t wait to see this fun piece up close, a perfect way to spend creative time in your studio.

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