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Local Guild Show

Last month our guild held its biennial show. Our last one was held in 2019 and we elected to skip the 2021 show due to…..never mind….you know why!!

It was with great joy that we opened the doors to show the public the amazing work that our members can do…..

The quilt that was selected as the Best of Show is this beauty…..

“Chroma Corona” by Terri Jarrett

She used the pattern, “Unusual Lone Star” by Karen Stone. It was paper pieced, and Terri brought her excellent color sense to the design. It was an outstanding quilt.

Another of Terri’s quilts won the coveted Viewer’s Choice award……

“Diamates de Desecho” by Terri Jarrett

This quilt had such a 3-D quality to it. My friend with Vertigo couldn’t look at it straight on!! The best comment that I heard was from one gentleman saying that he was just standing there, watching the quilt fold and unfold!!

It was a truly amazing quilt!!

But, there were lots of other amazing quilts too……

I love the colors in this one…..

“Hunter Star” by Barbara Hartlage

And this quilt from modern quilter “Sylvia Schafer” is a favorite…..

“Helix” by Sylvia Schafer

Isn’t her quilting astounding!!

This mix of applique and embellishment produced a fun quilt……

“Wild Flowers!” by Karen Holmgren

She said that adding the tablecloth at the bottom was a last-minute inspiration but I think that it was a GREAT one!!

This next one was a commission quilt made by Long-arm quilter, Sheila Shepherd…..

“Life in the Winter” by Sheila Shepherd

The owner was thrilled to see a 1st place ribbon attached at the show!!

Mary Colley used her wool applique skills to great success with this quilt……

“Blooms & buttons” by Mary Colley

She added some FUN things to the corners…..

I love what Sue did with her Selvages…..

“Some Quilts I’ve Sewn” by Sue Lawrence

Sue also made this very soothing blue wave quilt…..

“Friendship Waves” by Sue Lawrence

Suzanne used a Kaleidoscope design to make this fluid quilt…..

“Full Bloom” by Suzanne Reeves

I would love to see the fabric that she started out with!!

As I have written about this quilt, I realized that most Kaleidoscope quilts accentuate the details and the strong design elements of a fabric but this one speaks to the colors and the softness of that fabric. I REALLY like it!!

That’s all for today….come back tomorrow for more of my favorites from “A Journey In Quilts – 2023″…..

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6 thoughts on “Local Guild Show

  1. Such talent in one group? I feel that I’m standing on a bridge looking into the water passing by at Suzanne’s Reeves’ Full Bloom quilt. Lovely.

  2. Can we get in touch with Terry Jarret regarding the 3D looking quilt-My mom would love the pattern! We took photos when we were there but she can’t figure out the angles. Thank you!

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