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More from my local guild show…

Yesterday I showed a few of my favorite quilts from our local guild show. Today let’s see a few more from some of our newer members…..

Laura Leiden has been a locally known artist for many years. When our kids were in school together, she was known for her much sought-after calligraphy. In March of 2021, she decided to make a quilt for her new grandson and things took off from there!!

In her newest quilt series, she has started combining two of her loves…..alcohol inks and quilting.

I am actually the proud owner of TWO of her alcohol ink designs……

But, alcohol ink doesn’t translate well on fabric!! One of her friends sent a photo of her design to Spoonflower and had it printed on fabric. Laura then added lots of free-motion quilting and came up with this great quilt…..

“Bursting” by Laura Leiden

What a great way to merge two loves!!

I particularly like this piece…..

“The Passage” by Laura Leiden

Just look at the faces…..

Oh my….. I would have NEVER seen that in the design!!

Another of our newer members is Rosie Crockett. She brings so much creativity to all of her quilts and they are such fun to see!!

For our “Animal Portrait” challenge, she presented this Steam-punk bird…..

“Maggie Vern Bird Steampunk Magpie” by Rosell Crockett

Just look at the zipper in the tail and the scissors for the beak…..

This is one of those cases where “my mind doesn’t think that way!!”

She made this quilt for our “Silhouette” challenge….

“Walking in the Shadows” by Rosell Crockett

Then there is this portrait of her 14-year-old grandson…..

“Theo@14” by Rosell Crockett

Her desire was to make a portrait quilt in the “Modern” aesthetic. She definitely accomplished that!!

Rosie is so versatile in her work. This quilt design was based on the “Franciscan Desert Rose” china pattern and was appliqued on vintage hotel napkins…..

“Aunt Mary’s Desert Rose” by Rosell Crockett

This was one of the first quilts that she showed to our guild and my first indication that she was someone to watch!!!

Finally, I will show her “Bear With Me” challenge quilt…..

There are SO many fun elements in this quilt…..from the bear in his den, the salmon in the stream and the bee hive in the top corner.

These are just TWO of the amazing artists in my guild…..don’t you want to join us???

I will be showing more show photos over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!!!

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8 thoughts on “More from my local guild show…

  1. Frances, you have outdone yourself with this creativity. I so admire your ability to put all this together and really enjoy your site!

  2. These quilts were amazing and thank you for sharing them. I can see the progression of the art over the last 20 years. Wow.

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