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Milkweed Leaves

When I left you on Sunday, the “More Milkweed Please” piece was at this stage…..

…and obviously, it needed more in the lower right-hand corner.

I decided to add a stem and leaves so first “practiced” the layout using paper, thinking of something like this…..

The stem was easiest to make so I started with it, first cutting a bias strip from the darkest green.

I sprayed it liberally with Magic Sizing…..

….ironed it dry and folded it into a typical bias strip…..

OKAY….that works…..

Now it was time for the leaves and I played with several different shapes before I settled on an elongated oval…..

I wanted them to be two-sided so I cut it out of two different fabrics, sewed around the edges, and cut a slit in the back piece.

After snipping a few bits along the curves…..

I turned it to make the leaf…..

It needed some veins, so I drew them in and moved to the machine to stitch them….

THAT is when I realized my problem!!

It was almost impossible to stitch them because there was nothing to hold onto so I didn’t have a lot of control and the stitching didn’t look great…..

At this point, I stopped for the day….frustrated because I couldn’t make it work the way that I wanted!!

Later that night I thought of the perfect solution……

Come back on Saturday for more…..

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Thank you…….

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