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A quilt to celebrate America!!!

In my home I have a pie safe that was built for one purpose…..to store my quilts. Now this was early in my quilting career and the small cabinet could hold all of them.


Anyway, each month I change the decorating to reflect the flavor of the month and over the years I have created or acquired a quilt that specifically fits over the cabinet.

Here are the decorations that are up right now…..

This is special for two reasons….

Firstly, I highlight my Dad’s veteran status, displaying his army insignia and papers, and

Secondly, I love the quilt that I made for this month.

It started with a pattern in one of my Mom’s quilting books. But the pattern was for a BIG quilt….. I wanted a small (36″) quilt.

So, I decided that I would simply reduce the pattern size and make the quilt anyway.

Now, this was back in 1995, and my skills were a bit less developed than they are now.

I remember finding it to be a stretch to piece 1/2-strips and keep them straight!!

And when I began the quilting process, I started having issues with my sewing machine (a Singer School model).

I would start out fine, but the foot would stick and I wouldn’t be able to stop when I needed to…..YIKES!!! Fortunately, I learned to kick the pedal really hard to make it stop!!

This was quilted with monofilament thread and that was the only saving grace…..you couldn’t SEE the quilting!!

Anyway, it is now a favorite quilt and I love when July rolls around so that I can enjoy it hanging in my home……

I hope that you have a wonderful day of celebrating the Red White & Blue!!!

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