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The BIG clean out

Earlier this week I talked about my BIG challenge to spend 125 creative hours during the month of August!!

The first project is to DEEP-CLEAN my studio. Right now it looks like this…..

Since I am moving along quickly with Sadie the Saddle-Billed Stork, I can return all of the paraphernalia to their rightful places, starting with wool roving…..

Then there are the practice pieces that I made when I was trying to figure out how to do the background threadwork…..

They are now sliced up and put in the “dog bed” bag.

I had batting sitting around from basting my BIG quilt last week. When I went into the closet to store it, I realized that my batting supplies were a mess so I spent a bit of time measuring, marking, and recording the available batting……

Much better……

As I continued cleaning I found two projects that I was ready to get rid of……

A Thistle collage that I barely started before I lost interest……

The pattern is now in the recycling and the scraps are in my crumb bin…..

Next, I found a handwork piece that I had given up on. It was supposed to be a “Kantha Cloth” lookalike…..

I decided that I needed to just start over, so it is now sliced up too…..

Another bonus is that these lovely fabrics are back on the shelves…..

The final piece to hit the dust was this background that I had started using paintsticks….

But it wasn’t JUST throwing things away!!

I also found a couple of projects that I had forgotten about…..

This quilt was started as part of a guild challenge but I ran out of time and then lost interest. I was planning to get rid of it several years ago but now I am not so sure!!……

I will keep it for a while longer!!

I also found some stencils and stamps that I bought a few months ago…….

I have been inspired by Instagram reels about Gelli Plates and printing on paper but, of course, I want to print on fabric!!!

I also purchased a ruler to make pieced ovals and it came with this pattern…..

This might be fun to try!!

Finally, I found two small applique pieces that I started but never finished. Maybe NOW is the time…..

So now everything is cleaned up and I am ready to START!!!

There are exciting things coming…..stay tuned!!

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4 thoughts on “The BIG clean out

  1. Your clean up looks great. It’s fun to find all sorts of goodies at the bottom of the closet. You are showing your organization talents.

  2. A good clean makes you feel great. I have no problems with choosing projects not to finish. i want to enjoy what I do. Enjoy your clean studio!

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