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125 Hours?

Two weeks back, I issued a challenge to myself……spend 125 hours in a creative pursuit during the month of August….

As I write this, it is the 13th of August, which means that I should have 52 hours of creative time.


First of all, I have really had to push myself to accomplish an average of 4 hours per day. One day I did 10 hours and the next two I didn’t do any!!!

The first day of August was a trip to Atlanta with my friend Linda. We both had gift certificates that were burning a hole in our pockets so we needed to SHOP!!! I came away with a nice haul of bits and pieces for my machine and my fabric and thread stash…..

And yes, this counted as “creative time”.

I spent 16.5 hours working on Sadie, and another 11.5 hours writing blog posts, editing videos, and getting all of the information about Sadie onto my blog.

I spent 1.5 hours at my guild meeting, talking with other quilters and enjoying an amazing show and tell!!

I spent 3 hours doing administrative work for “Frances Quilts”.

I have spent 11 hours working on a baby quilt.

There have been various other bits and pieces along the way…..a small amount of hand applique, a few minutes doing one of the exercises in this book…..

I had thought that I would do one of these every day in August but THAT did NOT happen!!


One last thing…..

This challenge is definitely helping me to avoid a lot of procrastination. I am even cutting my lunchtime relaxation a bit short so that I can get into my studio. And honestly, for me, studio time is more relaxing than a nap!!

AND it is so much fun to think about what I can work on in the NEXT 72 hours!!!

Ya’ll keep me honest…..OKAY?

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2 thoughts on “125 Hours?

  1. That is a big commitment and it’s great you are following through!

    I have been tracking my hours this year, in a lot of areas, just to evaluate where I actually spend my time, and to figure out how long each project really takes. When I decide to make a quilt, I may think it I will be able to whip it out in 12 hours, but I’m learning that is an unrealistic time frame for me. I am hoping that knowing how long each one really takes, will help me choose projects more wisely. 🙂

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