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It’s Like Quilting on Butter!!

Yesterday I put on my big girl pants and started quilting on the Color Wheel quilt I have put off for over 3 years!!!

And believe me, I was SCARED!!

I had taken the advice of several readers and used a wool batting and I had no idea how it was going to work out.

I started out by clipping the quilt into my “dog grooming bars”…..

These help the quilt to float a bit and reduce drag.

Next, I added another table just to the right of my elbow…..

Finally, to get the ENTIRE quilt at table height, I put a pillow in my lap…..

As I took the first stitches, I was amazed at how easy it quilted and how good it looked…..

This is by far the biggest project I have ever done and I was concerned about how well it would work on my machine.

Mind you, there is a lot of “puddling” going on…..

After 2.5 hours of quilting, I had finished most of one section…..

….and I LOVE how it is looking……

So now instead of dreading my studio time, I am scouring my schedule over the next few days to see how I can get up there even MORE!!!

Stay tuned……

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

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4 thoughts on “It’s Like Quilting on Butter!!

  1. It looks amazing!
    I used a wool batting just once, and could not get the quilt through my machine at all, but I am using a domestic machine. I like the feel and the loft but it was too much for me. I am glad it is working out for you, and I think you will continue to be happy with the results!

    1. The wool does make the sandwich fluffier so I can imagine that it might not fit as easily on a domestic machine. I am sure enjoying working with it right now!!!

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