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Pipe Cleaner to the rescue

Okay…..am I the LAST person to know this trick???

I read recently about using a pipe cleaner to clean your sewing machine. It sounded interesting and I had recently bought a bag on a clearance table so had 100 brand-new stems ready to work…..

I was cleaning my sit-down longarm after doing weeks of thread painting and it needed to be cleaned well!!

I had tried to reach one area with my tweezers…..

….but was unsuccessful.

So, it was time to pull out the pipe cleaners!

I was amazed at how they could curve around and between areas…..

And I was even MORE amazed when I looked at the “stuff” that came out…..

Even when I thought it was completely clean, I ran the Pipe-Cleaner through one more time and found even more smutz…..

It was probably the cleanest that my machine has been since I bought it!!!

Are you one of the millions who already knew this trick???.

AND….if you are….what other tricks are you hiding from me???

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