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Quilters advice!!

If you remember, last week I had a disaster occur with my Color wheel quilt…..

Fortunately, I was able to use Dawn detergent and a good bathtub soaking to get the stains out!! You can read more about it here…..

When I sent out the SOS to quilters around the world, I received several potentially good ideas so I thought that I would share them here….

Remember that I haven’t tried ANY OF THESE so am not advocating them.

The number one suggestion was that I add more circles!! While it was a good idea, it would have definitely interrupted the symmetry that I had worked so hard to achieve!!

There were several suggestions specifically for wool batting

Deb said that it had happened to her as well with wool batting. She had used Dawn, rubbed gently, and then rewashed. BUT, she had to do it SIX times!!

Sylvia said that she had soaked a wool-batting quilt in a mixture of Synthrapol and hot (as hot as it comes out of the tap) water in a bucket.

Dale said that she had used Synthrapol and had also had decent results with a heavy salt and vinegar soak and wash afterward.

Martina suggested Dawn detergent and HOT water. Her most important reminder was that you have to be REALLY patient because some fabrics won’t release until many hours later.

Judy reminded me that I MUST use detergent as it is the agent that will start shifting the spot.

Kate said that she uses “Shout”.

Mary suggested one of the OxyClean sprays.

Avon said that she had READ that Shaving cream would also work but had never used it herself.

Louise (in Australia) suggested that Rit has a run-remover.

And finally, both Barbara and Sylvia reminded me that threads can bleed as well. GREAT ….something ELSE to worry about.

The bottom line here is that I was going to keep trying things until either the spots came out, or I ruined it trying!!!

Thankfully, I didn’t ruin it!!

There is one other little place that I found and I can’t figure out exactly what it is. See that pinkish stain next to the circle……

It doesn’t look like a bleed but looks like a bleach mark. There was never ANY bleach around so I have no idea where it came from.

It is small and I probably won’t do anything with it, however…..

Donna had mentioned using Intense Pencils and a fabric medium, so I MIGHT try that to fill in that small area. But then again, I may just leave it!!

The quilt is now awaiting a sleeve so I can hang it and take photos, but here is the photo from show-and-tell at my guild meeting…..

I AM …..



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5 thoughts on “Quilters advice!!

  1. I tried the RIT run remover several years ago. It was on a quilt I had done a lot of embroidery on. The border fabric had run. Unfortunately, it took all the color out of the embroidery and most of the other fabrics. It became mostly a pale yellow quilt. I ended up calling it when life gives you lemons and decided to enter it in our quilt show anyway. It still won a third place so I’m glad I didn’t throw it out which was my first thought. So I would not remind the RIT product.

  2. That quilt is phenomenal!
    As for the stain (which I don’t think anyone would even notice, with all that other color going on), I don’t have any tried and true advice, but I think my inclination would have been to use colored pencil to cover it up.

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