Swivel Mat Review

I have been looking for a good swivel cutting mat and enjoyed meeting the owners of “Cutterpillar” at their booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. They spent a lot of time showing me their newest creation and I ended up purchasing one….actually, the LAST one in their stall!!!

I got it home, started using it, and absolutely LOVE it.

Please check out this review…..

It has transformed making 1/2-square and 1/4-square triangles!!!

Cutterpillar makes other products for crafters, including light boards, trimmers, and lots more. Be sure to check them out!!!

Why is this happening…..

As I was happily sewing along on my brown stripe quilt, I started noticing that some of the stitching tension wasn’t great……

I worked thru the list of all of the usual suspects….

  • re-threaded the top
  • re-threaded the bobbin
  • adjusted the tension dial
  • cleaned out the bobbin area
  • put a few extra drops of oil in the proper areas

But it did not improve!!

I finally decided that it had to be the needle. For the last two years I have been using Superior brand Titanium coated needles…..

Because of their durability, I do not change the needle nearly as often as I used to. Here is what Superior has to say about them……

“With Superior’s Titanium-coated needles, you will hear a different sound when sewing (a soft, constant thud, thud, thud) when the needle is getting dull. This is because the thin layer of titanium-nitride coating is wearing off. Every time the needle penetrates fabric, there is a microscopic amount of wear on a needle, no matter what it is coated with (nickel, chrome, or titanium).

There are many other cues of a dulling or dull needle that are more recognizable, such as skipped stitches, the top thread shredding, and/or puckering while stitching. If your thread starts to behave strangely and you are experiencing these types of problems whereas you weren’t before, chances are that your needle should be replaced.

So, I replaced the needle and….magically…..the tension issues went away!!!

AH…..much better…..

Now…back to sewing!!!

A few addenda

This summer I started with the idea of doing an end-of-week audit. While this is a great idea to do, blogging about it seemed boring. Also, since each post needed to include a bunch of items it felt overwhelming to do. Consequently, I would put it off until I had TIME….which I never did!!

So, we are back to short posts about happenings through out the week and you can grade me on whether or not I am meeting my summer goals!!!

Now back to quilting….

After I posted about the Numbered Q-pins, I looked at the new packaging and realized that she has removed the “Q” so they are now simply “Marilee’s Numbered Pins”

Also, my friend Karen said that her solution was to buy flower head pins and write her own numbers on!!!

As I thought more about this solution I realized that I could write the row number and the block number on each pin which would make it even easier!!

Quilters always have the BEST solutions.