Quilt it FAST & EASY!!

One of my favorite things is to learn a technique that allows me to quilt something FAST and EASY!!

Because we all know that there are some quilts that don’t need a detailed custom design.

Some quilts just need to be held together to be useable and provide warmth!!

It is THOSE type of quilts that we are talking about today.

I had seen an exciting design on Youtube and wanted to try it out so I grabbed a quilt out of our Guild Charity basket, basted it up, and got to quilting…..

Now as you can see in the video, things did not go EXACTLY as planned!!

Honestly, I am not super happy with it, but it is done!!

And, I learned several lessons about how to do this design and I am looking forward to trying it again on another top. On THIS one, I will be able to see my design guidelines!!

Stay Tuned for more!!

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