Awards from the Show…

I was extremely happy to receive four ribbons from our show this weekend.

I received an Honorable Mention award for “Escala Azule”……


A Second Place award for  “Hot Espresso, Cool Gelato”……..



A Second Place award for “Blew Two”



And my favorite…..the “Best Machine Quilting” Award for “Study in White”……



As you can see the ribbons were wonderful. ……


Nancy B. made ALL 60+ of them by herself….without ANY help.   She wrote to me just before the show and said that she was having “separation anxiety” and wondered if she could just give us the ribbon tails and keep all of the blocks for herself!!!!  I dont blame her one little bit!!!

OK….so the show is now over!!  It was a wonderful 4 days of spending time with some of the nicest people in the whole world.

This is how Deb H. (my Co-Chair) and I felt at the end of the day…..


All that is left is the Post-Show party on Tuesday and then I can get back to some tax work.  I know that my clients will be pleased!!!!

A Ribbon for the Wall


My Mother and I have received another ribbon for “Mother-Daughter Flower Garden”, a quilt seen here many times before….

Mother-Daughter Flower Garden

_A022791 (2)

We won a first prize ribbon at the West Texas Fair and it even paid money….six whole dollars!!!  


Mom has won many ribbons at this fair and was excited to receive yet another one!!

I’ve Won, I’ve Won A Major Prize

Well, it is not exactly a MAJOR prize, but I couldn’t help quoting a favorite line from the movie “A Christmas Story”!!!!

Many of you will remember the quilt that my Mom and I made together earlier this year. Here is a picture of the quilt……

My Mom did the hand applique and I set it together and quilted it.

My Mom is a member of the Abilene Quilters Guild in Abilene, Texas and she entered it into her show this past month. It won First Place in the Collaborative division!!!!!

Mom was very excited and is now getting ready to enter it into the West Texas Fair. Over the years, she has won a lot of ribbons from the fair, so I am hoping that this quilt wont let her down!!!

The results are in

Last night we had the preview party for our guild (Cotton Patch Quilters) show and I won FOUR ribbons….

First place for “Seasonal Stroll”……

Second place for “Mother – Daughter Flower Garden”……

Third place for “Peacock Pavillion”……..

Honorable Mention for “Paint Can Flowers”……..

I was very excited about all of those. The two quilts that did not win were:

“Ten Around Penhill”

and “Marley”

The show is wonderful and hanging yesterday was a breeze. We used a new system that I had seen at the Houston Quilt Festival and it worked so well. We were thru hanging at 4:15….an all time record. Normally, we have been hanging at 5:30 as the preview party was starting.

Enough for today…..I am out the door to spend a wonderful day among my three favorite things…. quilts, quilters and quilt vendors!!!!