365 in a Row

I am happy to announce that today marks my 365th post in a row…

…one year without missing a day!!!!

This time last year, when we were spending most of our time at home avoiding COVID, I made a decision to start my side-business…”Frances Quilts”.

The first step was to boost my online presence by providing daily, interesting (hopefully) content.

The second step was to get the website developed. I worked with the app “Elementor” to design the web pages. It was fairly easy to use and the site took shape quickly!!

Next, I needed another way to connect with readers and my Instagram and Youtube accounts were opened. I admit that I haven’t explored much on Instagram but have simply been posting daily photos. But, I have really enjoyed making and sharing videos about various quilting exploits on Youtube!!

Finally, as EVERY expert that I listened to said, I needed to develop a mailing list!! That led to the free pattern “Crumbs for the Geese”…..

At first this was a free pattern but now can be purchased on my “Patterns for Sale” page.

And THAT led to the development of MOVE IT….a free-motion quilting boot camp!! To date, 98 people have signed up for the course and they are moving right along with their free-motion quilting expertise!! If you would like to join this 10-week course, you can sign up HERE.

Also during this year, I have participated in one mystery quilt…..

…..one free-motion quilting challenge……

I am in the middle of a color block challenge with Patterns by Jen…..

…..and an international block exchange thru Make Modern Magazine…..

On top of this, I have started and finished SO many projects!!!!

And the best part of this list is that I got to share it with my readers. You guys are the ones that make this whole thing worthwhile!!!

So, please keep reading and emailing, and interacting….it always brightens my day!!!