365 in a Row

I am happy to announce that today marks my 365th post in a row…

…one year without missing a day!!!!

This time last year, when we were spending most of our time at home avoiding COVID, I made a decision to start my side-business…”Frances Quilts”.

The first step was to boost my online presence by providing daily, interesting (hopefully) content.

The second step was to get the website developed. I worked with the app “Elementor” to design the web pages. It was fairly easy to use and the site took shape quickly!!

Next, I needed another way to connect with readers and my Instagram and Youtube accounts were opened. I admit that I haven’t explored much on Instagram but have simply been posting daily photos. But, I have really enjoyed making and sharing videos about various quilting exploits on Youtube!!

Finally, as EVERY expert that I listened to said, I needed to develop a mailing list!! That led to the free pattern “Crumbs for the Geese”…..

If you haven’t already signed up, you can do it HERE, AND get the free pattern!!

And THAT led to the development of MOVE IT….a free-motion quilting boot camp!! To date, 98 people have signed up for the course and they are moving right along with their free-motion quilting expertise!! If you would like to join this 10-week course, you can sign up HERE.

Also during this year, I have participated in one mystery quilt…..

…..one free-motion quilting challenge……

I am in the middle of a color block challenge with Patterns by Jen…..

…..and an international block exchange thru Make Modern Magazine…..

On top of this, I have started and finished SO many projects!!!!

And the best part of this list is that I got to share it with my readers. You guys are the ones that make this whole thing worthwhile!!!

So, please keep reading and emailing, and interacting….it always brightens my day!!!

8 thoughts on “365 in a Row

  1. I enjoy your blog especially your trip to Africa and learning all the new techniques you share. Move it is great for me. Please stay with us.

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