Today marks the 13th anniversary of my blog…..

This blog began as a travel blog when Michael and I spent two months in England, way back in 2007.  Before we left several people had said for me to email them and tell them all about the trip.   As I thought about it, I knew that I wouldn’t spend hours emailing each of those individuals so decided to start a blog and anyone who wanted could have a look at it.   After that, I did additional blogs for our India trip and our Australia trip in 2008.  

Then in December of 2008, I got the idea to make ONE blog to hold all of the Arnold family exploits, both quilting and not…. and I called it Quilts & Other Stuff!!!

Writing this has been an amazing experience and has made me much more aware of my surroundings, my creativity, and the events in my life.

I have made some amazing friends that I will probably never meet in person, but we have happily connected over the wonderful art of quilting!!

Thank you all for continuing to read and comment and be a part of my quilting journey.

You have certainly enriched it!!