Congratulations Mrs. Arnold….it’s a boring quilt!!!

Ah….it didn’t start out to be boring…..

The idea was really good.   While in China I took the following photo of a group of bamboo trees…..

_6072807 ….and my creative juices started working overtime.

So, when I had some time to play in my studio, I pulled out the green and yellow fabrics and off I went.

The first step was to make paper patterns that were approximately 3 by 6 inches and the paper piece them in alternating green and yellow stripes…..


When I had twelve of them finished I started playing with how to put them together. 


As I fiddled in EQ7, I came up with an arrangement that looked something like this…..

bamboo My husband particularly liked the way the blocks floated on the background so I proceeded to lay out the blocks and start piecing.

I found that it was easiest to piece in long strips and had fun trying to figure out the best way to make it work.  DSC00461

At one point, I realized that I had pieced one strip incorrectly, so simply moved it to another spot so that it would fit.

Here is the final quilt top…..


Now the problem… looks BORING!!!!!    I am going to have to add something to it to spice it up a bit, but the question is what to add????

I have thought about painting bamboo leaves, using Shiva Paintsticks, appliquéing leaves, layering net or mesh leaves.

PLEASE help me make this quilt un-boring…..what are your suggestions??