BQL Challenge – Final Offerings


I wanted to post the last two quilts that I made for the British Quilt List calendar challenge……

The first of these was actually for the month of October, but I didn’t get it finished by the end of the month. 


It was a fun (and fast) quilt and I really like the look of the 3-D pinwheels.  I decided to play with the quilting and tried using a double needle with a blue thread on one side and a green on the other.  The first problem arose when I was doing straight lines and wanted to turn a corner… cant keep the needle in the piece and make the turn!!!  

I really like the way that the loops look with the two needles, but the back doesn’t work well since the threads sit on the top of the back and dont lock inside the batting….but I liked the look of the stitch to use it again on my guild challenge piece (previous post).  But, that time I didn’t use a dual needle, but instead just quilted the loops in two passes.


The final quilt was for December and it was an easy fusible mosaic design.  I decided to use colors other than the traditional red and greens and was pleased with the blues, greens, golds and purples.

It was a wonderful and fun year of making monthly calendar quilts and I am truly thankful to Kandy Newton and her cohorts from the BQL for making the challenge possible. 

It was very rewarding to finish the last quilt and post photos just before midnight on the 31st of December!!!!  And, it was exciting to hang the January quilt in my studio.

First one finished

_C023524 (2)

I have now finished the first of the projects that were on my list for the week.  This is the November offering for the British Quilt List calendar challenge.  I didn’t finish the October challenge in time to get the instructions, so I had to guess about the technique.  Because I was in a hurry, I opted to simply use Wonder-Under to fuse the circles and then to use machine embroidery stitches around the edges.  


Now onto the ornament of the day……

_C033526 (2)

I won this ornament in an exchange that our guild had a lot of years ago.  It was made by an older woman named Kathryn Hancock and it is very special to me.  A few years before she passed away, she bought a UFO of mine at a garage sale.  When I asked her WHY in the world she wanted it, she explained that this way she would have something that I made!!


That comment has always stuck with me and seeing this ornament each year gives me a warm and wonderful feeling.  

…..Thank you Kathryn and I miss you!!!!…….

BQL for September

BQL September

Today I finished my British Quilt List challenge quilt for September.  I haven’t made a log cabin block since I first started quilting back in 1985, and I was reminded that it is not my favorite block to make.   

I made 12 blocks last week, thinking that I was finished, but then realized that I needed 16 blocks, so made the extra four today.   The biggest trick was to figure out the arrangement of the blocks, so I got on to Electric Quilt and tried out several different possibilities.

I couldn’t decide how to quilt it so finally just worked it in an overall swirl.

It has been a bit of a disappointing day since we were supposed to go to the University of Georgia football game tonight, but thunderstorms rolled in about 2 hours before kickoff so we didn’t get to go……maybe next week!!!

BQL August Quilt


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This is the calendar quilt for August for the  British Quilt List Challenge.  The challenge was to make a quilt based solely on half-square triangles.

Mine was made in red and black in honor of the University of Georgia football team who have their first game next Saturday. 


BQL July Challenge

This is the quilt that I made for the British Quilt List calendar challenge for July. The design was for a bargello quilt and I originally had a hard time thinking of what colors to use. Then I started reflecting that it was a quilt for July and, since I live in the US, maybe I should do red, white and blue!!! So, I pulled out all of my Americana fabrics that have been sitting around for years and started to play.

I was careful to keep all of the stripes running the same direction and especially made sure that the hearts were vertical and not horizontal!!! What I didn’t remember, was that when you do bargello, you sew the strips together and cut across the strip set and re-sew the new strips together. I am sure that you can see where I am headed……I still managed to get the hearts going sideways and the stripes running the wrong direction!!!!

Oh well, I actually liked how the big red, white and blue stripe looks like a firecracker with the firework fabric being the “pop” at the end.

So, as with most things, it all worked out for the best!!!!

I have to add a cute comment here… our charity bee, we often take dull-ish fabrics and sew them into large strips and then cross-cut them into 5 strips and “bargello” them to give the quilt a bit more interest. One of our members had never heard the term “bargello” and she thought that we said “Bordello”. So, after a good laugh, we now “bordello” striped quilts that need a pick-me-up!! I guess in that context, the word still works!!!!

Bye for now.