Two months at a glance

You know how you can buy “week at a glance” calendars…well since I haven’t posted for almost two months, I guess this can be a “take a glance at my life” post.

First of all there was a quilt show and I was the chairman!!!   I had a wonderful time working with our guild members and the show was very successful.

I enjoyed working with judging…..


With photography……


and totally enjoyed the show…..


I was excited to win two Blue ribbons…..



Our “Best of Show” quilt was a gorgeous Modern Quilt made by Sylvia Shaefer….


It has also been accepted into the Paducah show.


Next, I have been preparing for our Himalaya hike by climbing stadium steps a couple of mornings each week…..

photo 2

photo 1

The view from the top of the steps isn’t bad, but I am expecting much better in the Annapurna’s!!!


We  have continued getting our equipment set up for the trip and bought a camera last week.   We decided on the Canon EOS 70D and I am pleased with the first few photos that we have taken…..



I haven’t had much studio time and had decided back in January that I would make a hand detailed postcard for each of my committee chairmen (all 37 of them), but soon realized that I would NEVER get them finished. So, I boxed them up for another day……DSC04175

Then I had the idea of making badges for each person so cut up the postcards and added a fabric transfer with the show logo…..DSC04357

Each ribbon has the name of their committee.   It was fun to hand them out and watch people proudly wear them during the show!!!

And, in between times I have been sitting/standing at my desk and madly preparing income tax returns.  There are 10 days left and I have 12 in progress or ready to start and 5 to come!!!

I still don’t have any great expectations of getting into my studio, but am enjoying life greatly and looking forward to the next few months.  Before I know it, it will be October and all of our travels will be over but my mind’s eye will be filled with so many creative ideas!!!!

Until next time….and hopefully it wont be another 2 months!!…..