(I accidentally posted this a couple of weeks ago so some of you may be seeing it twice!!)

A little while back one of my favorite bloggers (Andrea at Arhtisticlicense) wrote a post about taking a contrast walk.

When I started reading, my mind immediately went to color contrast and the first photo that she showed was exactly that!!

However, she takes it a step further looking at OTHER areas of contrast including…..

…..rough and smooth…..

photo by Andrea Huelsenbeck

.;..and MY personal favorite…..

…..Straight & Curly!!

It reminded me that I can get SO focused on quilts and fabric and color, that I forget the other amazing areas of life!!

Here is her post. I would encourage you to take a walk with her but beware, it is 110 degrees….so be sure to wear sunscreen!

Thank you Andrea for reminding me to expand my focus!!

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