Where did you find the value guide?

My friend Francyne asked about the “shade guide” that I showed in the previous post and I realized that I had intended to give you the link…..

I would encourage you to check out the website  www.toadhollowstudio.com which is run by Carol Rosinski who describes herself as a teaching artist. Her website is full of drawing tips and techniques and  I have intentions to spend quite a bit of time on this site when I get a few minutes .

The value/shade guide is found at ….



Go by and check out all of her information….


At our last Fiber Frenzy meeting we were talking about using a sketchbook and the importance of JUST DOING SOMETHING.

To that end, I have found a few nights where I could sit with my sketchbook and play around with the wonderful colored markers.

Here are a few of my pages……

This one started out as a vertical piece and I didn’t think much of it, but when I turned it on its side I really started to like it.  Now I see it as one side of a cool Mardi Gras mask…..

_3282075 _3282071I love what the black and white lines did for this blue flower…..


  This was just a little bit at the top of one of the pages, but I loved the design that formed……_3282074 This final one started out as a series of hearts and just grew and grew and grew…


Oh well……fun things for an evening of TV watching!!!