First Quilt!!

As we all remember, finishing your VERY first quilt is a BIG DEAL…..

a REALLY big deal….

So today we get to celebrate my friend Marnie and her REALLY BIG DEAL…..

She and I had worked on a quilt together previously…..

….but I had done most of the sewing.

For this quilt, she did 99% of the work all by herself. My only addition was sewing the first of the binding corners to show her how to do them.

And look how great it is…..

She is making it as a gift for her neighbor…..

……lucky neighbor!!!

Marnie just sent me a photo of her next quilt with the top already finished…..

YEP….she is DEFINITELY hooked!!

So, let’s give a big “WELL DONE” to Marnie…..

I look forward to seeing where your quilting adventure takes you!!!

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Thank you…….