Porto Wall Piecing

Two years ago we spent a month in Portugal, living in a small town outside of Porto.   Just before we left, I put together a “Millefiore” quilt to work on while we were traveling.  After working on it for a while, I realized that it was much too complicated for my limited handwork abilities!!   This was the point that I gave up on the project…..IMG_2593

It doesn’t look too bad in this photo but there are TONS of mistakes and I knew that I wasn’t going to be happy with it.

Anyway….back to Portugal…..  While I was walking around in Vila Do Conde (the small village that we were living in), I saw this wonderful wall….IMG_4845

…and thought that it would be a fun paper piecing exercise. 

About a year ago I put that thought into action and prepared a pattern…..IMG_3396

….and pulled fabrics…..IMG_3397

….. and started the piecing process.   I really enjoyed the hand work but had NO idea what this was going to be used for!!!!!IMG_5053

Then our Creative Group came up with the idea of doing round robin quilts using only handwork….a VERY scary idea for a few of us!!!    I decided to take this already started project and use it as the basis for my round robin quilt.

As I looked at it with a project in mind, I drew in some “grouting” lines to give more definition to the stones. IMG_5210

The next step was to add a ledge to the top of the wall and a base for the bottom….


But there was one thing bothering me….. The stones didn’t have the correct look as there wasn’t enough continuity in color.   So, I did what I often do and pulled out my paints and sponged the stones with a grey wash…..IMG_5212

It really helped!!!

But as I started laying out the quilt, I decided that the wall needed to be shorter, so I moved the base up and cut off even MORE of my careful hand piecing!!!IMG_5232

I had planned to add a tree behind the wall and ended up drawing it in.   This is what I presented to the group…..IMG_5237

I cant wait to see what everybody adds to it with applique, embroidery and/or beading!!!