Back in June, I posted about a project that I was starting for my Creative Group….part of one of our challenges….post is here.

My first hurdle was figuring out what fabrics I wanted to use.   The first thought was to use florals


But while I was looking for other ideas, I cam across two large Ziploc bags full of fabric that had been marbled….MANY years ago.


I pulled out these fabrics and started cutting hexies.   I wanted to be able to place the hexagon pattern exactly so I developed my own method.   First I cut out a pattern for the hexagon and placed it on my fabric…..


I then put the hexagon pattern back into the opening…..


Remove the outside paper and have the hexagon in just the right spot to cut out the fabric…..


So, I started making hexagons and placing them on my portable design wall…..

photo (2)

It looked ok, but there just wasn’t any focus for the piece.   The three white blocks were going to be open, but it still didn’t float my boat.  

I was talking to another quilter friend and said that I might add some beads to it to spice it up a bit and then it hit me…..why not make the beads be the focus???

So, I started making more hexagons and adding more open spaces.   The resulting piece looked like this…..


I knew that I needed to add some stability to the top, so first sprayed the entire piece with starch and gave it a good pressing.  Then I removed the basting stitches and started removing the papers.   I was afraid that it was going to be hard to do, but found that when I stuck my seam ripper into the paper, it would pop right out…..


I fused a piece of fabric to the back and then added a layer of fusible batting and then started adding beads.

Most of this beading work was done while sitting in the main room at Snowbird.   When I would look up, this is what I would see…..


I had fun trying to think of ways to compliment the fabrics with beads….DSC03337


Then it was time to fill in the empty spaces.   I enjoyed using some beads that I bought in Italy and other miscellaneous pieces that I had on hand…..



I have fused a backing fabric on but still need to do a bit of trimming up so that it doesn’t show from the front, but here is the final piece…..


I am fairly happy with it as it made me try a new technique and enjoy using some of the bits and pieces that I had on hand or bought in our travels….a two-fer!!!

Another project!!….


First of all, piecing has begun on the Guild Raffle quilt…..

photo 3

I have actually pieced 6 blocks, but managed to do one backwards!!!


Secondly, the creative group that I belong to is getting ready to meet again this next week and we are supposed to have made a start on our next project…..

One of our members, Deb, gave each of us this fun little book…..



Our challenge was to pick out one of the quilts shown in the book and use it as a jumping off point to try something new and exciting. 

There were several pieces that caught my eye, but the one that I have decided on is this one…..



If you have been reading this blog for very long, you will know that I am NOT big on handwork, so I think that is why this one has appealed to me.

I used the internet to research different methods of piecing the hexagons, first coming on this blog….



…..and then checking out Bonnie Hunter’s version……



I found a wonderful website where you can print ALL different sizes of hexagon patterns……



I printed some on paper and some on cardstock just so I could see which one was easier to work with……


I pulled out my 2 inch squares and picked out a few to practice  with.   I prepared some of them with the basting stitch on the back of the patch and some with the stitching on the front….


The final flower was finished in about an hour and I am pleased with how it looks……DSC02446

I decided that I really like using paper patterns better as I can sew thru the paper when I am preparing the hexagons and that seems easier to me, even though it means that I have to remove the basting after the fact.   Also, the paper gives a softer edge to use when putting the hexies together.


SO….now I have to decide exactly what I am going to MAKE with my hexies.  I like the idea of it being a bit more artsy and not just another Grandmother’s Flower Garden.   I am thinking about maybe doing blacks and greys, or maybe blues and greens, or how about a rainbow of colors…..AACK…..too many choices!!!!