Second part of a really fun day…..

OK….here goes with the final part of our day trip to Atlanta.   After we left the Bulloch Hall Quilt Show, we drove to one of our favorite places in Atlanta……the Barnes and Noble in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.   

OK….don’t think that we are crazy, but we have always enjoyed this particular B&N.  The attraction started when our kids were small and before they had a B&N here at home.   Michael and I would sit in the comfy chairs and read books while the kids enjoyed finding books that they were interested in.   So you see, this is a long standing attraction!!!!

We got our coffee and tea from Starbucks and then hovered around the tables until one emptied.  Michael pulled several books that he was interested in and I went straight for the periodicals….15 quilting magazines to be precise. 

For the most part, I simply flip thru the magazines, but always find a few blocks or patterns or techniques that are interesting.  Here are a few fun finds…..

I am really wanting to make a fun scrap quilt so was always drawn to those types of patterns.  Here are a couple that looked fun…..


image I also found some information about making knots and burying tails for machine quilting threads.   I KNOW that this is the best way to end off my lines of stitching,  but am normally too lazy to actually do this step by hand!!

Finally, I looked at one book about mixed media papers and found a great idea that I would like to try on fabric……

You use modeling paste (sometimes called Wood Icing) to make designs on a base, let them dry, apply paint to the designs and then lay paper (I read it as fabric) over the top.   There were some cool ideas as to how to make the designs, including making the paste thick and dragging a comb thru it, or placing sequin waste on the base, spreading the paste over it and then gently removing the waste to leave “dots” of paste.

Now I just need to get back home again and start trying some of this!!!!!