Memorial Weekend Fun


Michael and I have enjoyed a much needed relaxing and fun long weekend…..

It started on Saturday with a trip to visit Michael’s friend, Ron and his wife, Nina.  They live in South Carolina on a wonderful 70 acre farm and we had a blast!!!

The first order of business was some skeet shooting…..


Now, the other three are SO good at it and I am horrible, so after a few pathetic shots, I started tending to the bird thrower …..


MUCH more fun!!!

After dinner they took us for a walk around their property and a good chance to try out the new camera some more…..


I am so happy with the depth of field that it allows!!!

As it got dark and a bit chilly, the bonfire helped keep us warm……IMG_0311

Once again I had a fun time playing with the camera in the firelight…..IMG_0310

….all the while remembering this quilt by Terry Grant (check her blog here)…..firebefore


In the morning, we moved on to the pistol range…..


Fortunately I am a bit better with a hand gun !!!!


We drove back smelling heavily of gun powder but with BIG smiles on our faces!!!

That evening we went to a Low Country Boil with a bunch of our friends from Church.

Monday meant time for yard work, swimming at the neighborhood pool, and a bit of time for us to do what we love which meant I headed to the studio.  I am currently working on the backing for this quilt top…..



A truly enjoyable weekend!!!!!