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Memorial Weekend Fun


Michael and I have enjoyed a much needed relaxing and fun long weekend…..

It started on Saturday with a trip to visit Michael’s friend, Ron and his wife, Nina.  They live in South Carolina on a wonderful 70 acre farm and we had a blast!!!

The first order of business was some skeet shooting…..


Now, the other three are SO good at it and I am horrible, so after a few pathetic shots, I started tending to the bird thrower …..


MUCH more fun!!!

After dinner they took us for a walk around their property and a good chance to try out the new camera some more…..


I am so happy with the depth of field that it allows!!!

As it got dark and a bit chilly, the bonfire helped keep us warm……IMG_0311

Once again I had a fun time playing with the camera in the firelight…..IMG_0310

….all the while remembering this quilt by Terry Grant (check her blog here)…..firebefore


In the morning, we moved on to the pistol range…..


Fortunately I am a bit better with a hand gun !!!!


We drove back smelling heavily of gun powder but with BIG smiles on our faces!!!

That evening we went to a Low Country Boil with a bunch of our friends from Church.

Monday meant time for yard work, swimming at the neighborhood pool, and a bit of time for us to do what we love which meant I headed to the studio.  I am currently working on the backing for this quilt top…..



A truly enjoyable weekend!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend Fun

  1. Lots of interesting activities for your weekend.As you know, guns are not a big part of the culture here, so seeing a weekend of shooting is something a bit different for me.The shots from your new camera are wonderful. I hope you are pleased with it.Hope you finished the backing for the quilt.Looks like we are headed to SC in a couple of months ourselves.

  2. It certainly looks like you made the most of your break. Great photos from the new camera, you are really getting to grips with it. Love that quilt top.

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