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A challenging challenge….


In our guild, we have two challenges each year with the first being due at the June meeting.   The upcoming challenge is to use the following shape in a quilt….

Cone_Challenge (2)

Look easy doesn’t it!!!!  

When I thought that we were going to be in Nepal, I had planned to make something very small and English Paper Piece it while we were traveling and trekking.  Since our plans changed I have been trying to come up with another idea and it hasn’t been easy!!!

I was originally trying to make something to go on the wall over our bed in the Spring and Summer when this bedspread is in use…..


….but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what to do.

I decided to make a test block so spent a lot of time trying to draft something that was a bit different and came up with this idea…..


Although I like the design, I am not sure where it would go from here and also, it became less accurate as I added more rounds to it.

Then I decided to try making a basic star using strip pieced sets.  This was the result…..


I liked this idea better but was still unsure of how I could make it into what I was envisioning.

Then I decided that any wallhanging to go with the bedspread would need to be pretty plain or it would clash with the bedspread fabric design.   So, I moved to thinking about using the bedspread that we use in Autumn and Winter.   The colors are more earth toned  (here is the pillow sham)…..


So today I spent a couple of hours making stars in various sizes…..


So far I like the concept although you may ask how I am going to get all of these different sizes of stars to fit together….a good question and one that I have NO answer to…..we will all have to be surprised together!!!

But at least I am sewing and creating again…..

2 thoughts on “A challenging challenge….

  1. I actually like all the ideas you have tried. Each one is very interesting.I suppose the trick will be, as you say, finding a way to join sections together or make it larger.Good luck!

  2. I'm glad that you've managed to find something to get going on again. Both ideas look good and it will be interesting to see how they progress.

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