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Fixing the Eiffel quilt


Back in 2005, we took a family vacation to Paris and took this photo of our daughter Jenny…..


I used this as the pattern and made this quilt……

PA200224 (2)

I had never been entirely happy with Jenny’s body and couldn’t figure out why.  I hung the quilt on our stairs back in January and after looking at it for a couple of weeks realized that the problem was that there was no shading on her legs or arms.

So, one quiet Sunday back in February I took the quilt off the wall and pulled out some fabric paints and decided to try fixing the shading.


It did NOT work!!!  Having said that, I was ok with the shading on her legs.  So I put it aside and decided to leave it for another day.

Since I have had some unexpected time on my hands, I made this my first project.

I couldn’t find the right shades of fabric so I ended up taking one fabric and painting it to make several different shades.  I then cut out the shapes and fused them into place, adding a bit of quilting to hold it together.



It is still not exactly what I was wanting, but I do think that it is a lot better than it used to be!!!

Now to find another project……

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