Antique Quilt Fun…..


Well, life is slowly getting back to normal….whatever that looks like!!!

I haven’t had time to post about it, but several months ago there was a small antique quilt display at our local library.  DSC04329


One of my Great-Grandmother’s quilts was included…..



It is a Caesar’s Crown variation pattern, made by Mary Louisa Messer Hall, in the 1930’s.

I enjoyed looking at the quilts, especially noting the ones that had one or more blocks made with different fabrics…..


I wonder if I would ever have the guts to make a pastel quilt with one VERY red block??   I also really liked the soft colored fabrics that were used in the rest of the quilt.

This quilt looked fairly ordinary from a distance away…..


….but I was enamored with the quilting……


Each corner of the block had an area of “stipple” quilting that added so much texture to the piece.  Here is another photo that shows how it looked….


It was a fun showing in a peaceful setting…….


2 thoughts on “Antique Quilt Fun…..

  1. Your great-grandma's quilt really struck me because the pattern she used is very popular among the modern crowd, renamed the “Swoon” block. It goes to show that there's nothing new under the sun, and that your great-grandma was a very modern lady!


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