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Well, it is official…..we have re-booked our tickets from India and will be making the Annapurna Trek on October 1st thru 14th. 

In all honesty, this is probably the best way to go anyway since we will already be on that side of the world and acclimated to the time difference well before we start hiking.

And let me give a HUGE shout out to Delta Airlines…..they REFUNDED our non-refundable tickets which means that we don’t have to file an insurance claim and can just move the insurance over to the new trip…..saving us some money!!!

So now we are doing our happy dance again…..

4 thoughts on “Re-booked!!!

  1. Great news! (Plus, now you have more time to learn about your new camera, so your pictures will be even better!)

  2. Great decision.It is not the place to be at the moment, but in a few months time visitors will be very welcome to help get the economy moving again.

  3. Hello from the equator 🙂 Just reached Kenya yesterday and my colleague and I are sharing a beautiful terrace apartment here. That's good news, Frances! I'd been reading about Kathmandu's tiny airport being totally jammed and in a way it is good to not be in the middle of that. Glad you get to go in October!!

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