In training again……


Today we received the much coveted and worried about Visa for Michael to work in India…..


….so it looks as if the Nepal trip will be happening as well.   The training and planning for our Himalaya trek has begun in earnest. 

We have gone thru our gear list again and think that we are about set now and I have started walking stadium steps again…..


… the VERY hot summer mornings!!!

Hopefully this work now will mean that I wont be dying TOO badly while trekking!!!




Well, it is official…..we have re-booked our tickets from India and will be making the Annapurna Trek on October 1st thru 14th. 

In all honesty, this is probably the best way to go anyway since we will already be on that side of the world and acclimated to the time difference well before we start hiking.

And let me give a HUGE shout out to Delta Airlines…..they REFUNDED our non-refundable tickets which means that we don’t have to file an insurance claim and can just move the insurance over to the new trip…..saving us some money!!!

So now we are doing our happy dance again…..

The results are in……


…..and we will NOT be trekking in May!!



The Representative from REI called this afternoon and said that they have decided to cancel all of their treks in May.

While we are disappointed, we feel sure that this is the best decision for now.

So, now we are trying to decide whether we are going to move the trip to the first two weeks in October, adding the time on to our already planned month in Bangalore, India.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of details that we have to work thru, including filing insurance claims for the trip that we missed, changing our already booked trip home from Bangalore and finding flights from Bangalore to Khatmandu!!

So, once again we just have to be patient and see what happens…….


To Trek or Not To Trek


….that is certainly the question on our minds right now!!

We are booked into a Himalaya Trek starting 4 weeks from today and are trying to make a decision about whether or not we will travel to Nepal in the aftermath of the Earthquake.

If you had asked this morning, I would have told you that we probably were not going, but this afternoon we talked to the people at REI and they have given us a little bit of hope  that we may still be able to make the trip. 

The earthquake was centered between the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara, but apparently the waves moved mostly to the East (to Kathmandu and Mount Everest) and did not affect the Annapurna Ranges which are Northwest of Pokhara.   This is the area that we will be trekking in.

REI has spoken with their workers and guides in Nepal and reported that all of their assets (hotels, roadways, etc) were unaffected.  They have cancelled the Trek that was supposed to start on May 4th, but are still hopeful that the next one will be a go.   They will make their final decision based on the conditions as time progresses.  They will especially monitor any damage from aftershocks in the next few days and also will want to make sure that bringing “tourists” into the area will not hamper the relief efforts.

SSOOOOO……we wait….maybe not so patiently!!!!   But maybe we will still get to see this before long…..

Getting the gear ready


Over the last few months we have been researching and purchasing the gear that we will need for our upcoming Himalayas trip.  We have bought bits here and bits there and today decided that we needed to make a final check and see where we stood.

Fortunately, we are good on most things but still need wool caps, sunglasses and a few other things. 

One of the items that we had purchased was a hydration system that allows you to drink as you walk rather than having to stop and pull out water bottles every few steps.  We decided to give it a try as well to see if we like it…..


The water pack goes in the backpack and the tube and mouthpiece attach to the strap.  It is SO much easier than water bottles!!!

The other thing that we decided to buy was a solar charger so we spent some time trying to figure out how to attach it.


This was our original thought but then figured out another way where it would hang vertically and be attached at both the top and bottom…..much better.

The last purchase is going to be a new camera but we cant figure out exactly what type to get.   We enjoy our little point-and-shoot but think that we might get better photos with a DSLR.   The problem with a DSLR is that it weighs more and we do have to carry everything with us!!!

….guess we will figure it out before we leave!!!