Football Game Honors…..

My husband Michael is a professor in the Genetics Department at the University of Georgia and, as I posted back in April, he was recently honored as a  “Distinguished Research Professor”.  A few weeks ago he received an invitation to attend the football game between Georgia and Georgia Tech, as the guest of the University President, Michael Adams.

As we drove to the game, we had no idea what to expect but were excited for this new experience.   We were first invited to a Reception that was held in the Student Learning Center.  The decorations were festive……..


and the food was terrific…….


We received our personalized tickets…..


….and made our way to the Presidents SkySuite to watch the game.   As expected the view was fabulous….


And there was even MORE food…..


I was afraid that Georgia would make a great play and that I would try to stand up to applaud!!

BUT, the best thing about the game (other than the fact that our team won) was that Michael was taken onto the field between the first and second quarters and honored for his achievements…..


I watched proudly as 92,000 people saw my smiling husband on the Jumbo-tron scoreboard…..

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All in all, it was a wonderful day……


But, Michael’s favorite part of the award was getting to meet the Georgia Mascot, UGA (aka Russ)…….


Proud of my Hubby!!!

Last night my husband, Michael, was named  a “Distinguished Research Professor”  at the University of Georgia. 
It is an award given to professors who have a sustained record of outstanding research and have received both National and International  acclaim for their work.

We enjoyed a Jazz trio featuring a Xylophone as the lead instrument……
Picture 001
…..a  wonderful meal…….
Picture 002

…. hob-nobbing with some of the UGA dignitaries……
Picture 004

and a VERY special Award recipient!!!!
Michael Arnold. Photo by Paul Efland / University of Georgia.

Congratulations Sweetie…..I am very proud of you!!!