Bring on the Balloons….

As I have mentioned in this blog before, my Mom was an amazing quilter. When she returned to the art in the early 1970’s, she started making quilts for my “hope chest”.

This was the first quilt that she made……

It is a fun quilt for me to look at because ALL of the clothes were made from scraps leftover from MY clothes. I remember her happily picking out the fabrics and spending hours trying to decide which trim to put on which dress.

Each of the blocks was unique……

It has been well used over the years and is a fun, fun reminder of a simpler time!!!

The Thursday Quilters….

As I have mentioned before, my Mom was a prolific quilter and the queen of scrap quilting. Seldom did ANY piece of fabric get thrown away, whether it was cotton, polyester or even knit!!!

One of the joys of her life was ‘The Thursday Quilters” group. Two times each month, a group of 4 to 10 quilters would meet to work on projects….either their own personal project, a “group project or a joint quilt for charity. Their favorite charity was the West Texas Rehabilitation Center and, as I cleaned out Mom’s house, I found many photos of her and her friends, proudly standing in front of their offering…..

This quilt was made as a result of one of their group projects. Each person made a certain number of blocks and then they were shuffled around and redistributed to each participant. The result was a large number of very interesting fabrics…..

…. some of the most unusual (but effective) fabrics that I have ever seen……

Mom LOVED applique so this project would have been right up her alley!!!

I am happy that I have my own group of “Thursday Quilters”!! We may not meet on a regular basis, but we have got each other’s backs….and tops…..and batting….and quilting……….!!

TBT – Grandmother’s Flower Garden

Another of the 5 quilts that Mom made for my Hope Chest was a Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

Grandmother’s Flower Garden

She made this in the late 1970’s and it is entirely hand-made using English Paper Piecing and hand quilting.

When I talk to kid’s groups about quilts I use this quilt to show repetition and how it helps in design. In this quilt, Mom used the same fabric for each flower center. She used a solid fabric for each of the first rounds and then she bordered each flower with white. Those elements make it an enjoyable quilt to look at!!!

I particularly enjoyed these two blocks as I had favorite clothing made from the print fabrics…..

The brown was a fun shirt (NOT a cotton fabric) and the blue flowered was a cute short dress with capped sleeves and a sash….remember it was the 1970’s!!!

I remember her agonizing over how to finish the edges of the quilt and believe that she ended up appliquéing the flower sides to the border…..

One thing that I notice in this photo is that the red fabric has bled!!! This quilt has been well used and washed many times so this isn’t surprising. It was the only quilt that we carried when we moved to Australia in 1981 and it was used daily for almost 6 years!!

She kept the quilting fairly simple, stitching inside each of the hexagons and then adding a fun clam shell border to the top and bottom…..

As I said, this was a much loved and used quilt and I still enjoy snuggling under it today!!!