Quilt Label HELP….

I make it a point to put a label on all of my quilts!!

For many years, I have used my computer to design the label and then printed it onto “Printed Treasures” fabric….

I LOVED this fabric and always kept a stash on hand. The design seemed colorfast and the fabric kept the same soft texture even after printing.

BUT, I have learned that they are no longer making it…..BOOOOO!!

I bought a package of June Taylor fabric sheets……

….but they just aren’t the same!!!

The fabric is stiffer and much less flexible than the Printed Treasures. That means that it is really hard to sew around the edges to applique it to the back.

I was able to figure out a workaround for the last label that I made. I printed it on the June Taylor fabric, added a fusible web to it, and then cut it into circle….

I then fused the shape onto a piece of fabric that corresponded to the background of the quilt. Once fused, I sewed a line permanently attaching the label to the fabric.

I turned under the edges of the fabric…..

….and appliqued it to the quilt…..

In the end it looked okay, but it would sure have been easier to simply applique the printed label!!

I have found some other fabric from VV Graphics and have purchased a pack but have yet to give it a try.

I am giving a guild program on Saturday about using photos in quilts but I don’t know what fabric to suggest…..