Caught in the Whirlpool…

A little while back, I posted about the planning and calculations for making a quilt using the “Whirlpool” block…..

The block is made up of four sets of identical quarters and it was quick work to sew them together……

…..especially after I figured out the masking tape hack that I talked about in a previous post.

I was trying to be very careful with the points and was pleased with the results.

I finished about 2/3rds of them in one sitting and then came back the next day to do the rest. This particular point is important because of the next photo!

One of these things is not like the other……

YES….. I pieced 1/3 of them WRONG!!

I HOPEFULLY laid them out with the two different blocks alternating but it did NOT have the same look…..

So it was time for me to do some ripping……

A LOT of ripping!!

Eventually, I got them fixed and was able to start piecing the bits together…..

At the end of the day, I had 20 CORRECTLY PIECED blocks ready for the top…..

Come back tomorrow for the finish and also a critique of the piecing…..