I’m busy burying tails!!!

A few weeks ago I asked a question about how people finish off their free motion quilting. Do they bury the threads, backstitch, etc.

I got some really good comments and lots of suggestions but this one I came upon by accident!!

I was searching for self-threading needles on Amazon and came across a product called “Snag Magic”…..

Now let me say that I wasn’t impressed by how it looked on the screen but decided that I would buy it and see.

It is MUCH nicer in person!!!

I have now spoken to one of the creators of Snag Magic and he said that the Amazon product was probably a knock-off.

SO…….if you are interested, please go directly to the website at https://snagmagic.com/

To use it, you pull the threads thru the loop (after knotting them of course)…..

Insert the needle into the hole that the threads came out of…..

Pull the threads through and give it a tug to pop the knot inside the batting……

Now they are ready to clip…..

But, it is sometimes easier to SEE the tool in action so take a look at this…..

I am loving this tool and can’t wait to get upstairs and start burying MORE threads!!

Have you ever used one??